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Looking For a Baby Monitor Under $200?

Reviews of Baby Monitors Priced Between $100 - $200

Find the Best Baby Monitors Priced Between $100 – $200

Generally speaking these reasonably priced mid-range baby monitors offer buyers more bang for their bucks – choose a model from this price range and it should provide you with real value for money.

All the popular brands make models in this price range, so whether you want a movement, audio or a video monitor there’ll be a model available for you. In comparison to cheaper models on the market they’ll provide you with more features, more flexibility and better performance. A great combination for the discerning buyer 😉

About Our Reviews

You know how much you can afford to spend and so, to help your search, we’ve narrowed down all our baby monitor reviews and listed those for models priced from $100 to $200 below.

In these reviews we give you an un-biased overview of the model specs, demystify its operational features and disclose what users say about the monitor’s overall performance – use these quick and easy buying guides to help you discover the best value monitor for your budget.

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Angelcare AC401 Deluxe Plus Baby Monitor Review

Read Our Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor Review

The Angelcare AC401 takes the best elements of a good audio monitor plus all the benefits of a motion sensor then brings them all together into one quality system. If you’re worried about the risk of SIDS then with three different operating modes available, the Deluxe Plus model offers you unbeatable peace of mind with its comprehensive monitoring of baby’s movements and breathing…

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Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor SCD525 Review

Read Our Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor SCD525 Review

Philips, the world renowned communications manufacturer has incorporated its advanced DECT technology into the Philips Avent SCD525 to produce an audio monitor which boasts “zero interference and 100% privacy – guaranteed!” In addition to the remarkable DECT system this classy baby monitor also features: a long operating range, secure encrypted connection and…

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Summer Infant Baby Touch Video Monitor Review

Read Our Summer Infant Baby Touch Review

As a consistent top seller, you’d hope that the Summer Infant Baby Touch digital video monitor would be feature rich – and it is! The Baby Touch undoubtedly has much to offer parents and has lots of great qualities to get excited about. Including: a large 3.5″ color LCD screen, remote controlled pan and tilt camera, touch screen technology… And that’s just for starters!

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Motorola MBP33 Video Baby Monitor Review

Read Our Motorola MBP33 Review

The well-built Motorola MBP33 video baby monitor sports an impressive feature list which helps it deliver quality performance – everything you’d expect from this top selling model. It showcases a full color 2.8″ LCD screen which gives you real-time video coverage with sharp picture clarity, even when being used in…

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